• The insider's guide to buy Champagne.

    At Edwin's we stock none of any known Champagne brands. 

    We buy directly from small family-owned Champagne farmers/producers. Their prices are always reasonable (no marketing costs) and the quality is always assured - their family name is on the label and we trust their hearts are there too.

    How does one distinguish these small family producers from the conglomerated brands. Find the producer's registration number given by the regulator INAO.

    Look for the alphabets RM followed by a number. R is recoltant (the harvester) and M manipulant (the maker). It denotes a particular Champagne is produced by a farmer who tills his vines and picks his grapes. Then he makes the Champagne in house - a vertically integrated operation. 

    Brand-name Champagnes have RN - recoltant negotient (harvester/trader) on their labels. They are allowed by law to buy from other farmers to produce Champagne under their branded name. And charge higher prices

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