• Champagne, the outlier of French wine.

    Champagne is not like other French wines - it is a branded product.

    Others have vintages and are limited by yearly production. For example. Assuming a chateau in 2009 has 100,000 bottles produced and sold. That's it! There would not be a bottle numbered 100,001. You'd have to wait for vintage 2010.

    Champagne is exempted to this stricture. Generic Champagnes are non-vintaged. Generally they are a blend of 3 years or more of different vintages. They are blended to create a 'house taste' particular to a brand. Take any famous name and the same is true. 

    Why non-vintaged? Demand for Champagne always out-strip supply. This imbalance is going to get even more with the demands from newly enriched countries. Making Champagne non-vintage increases the supply.

    Why branded? A brand well marketed dictates its price. In Champagne it is allowed to purchase other farmers' entire stock to label under the buyer's brand-name. This also assures supply of a brand.

    This is why most brands are owned by luxury-goods conglomerates.



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