• How to serve wine

    The ritual of wine serving in expensive restaurants – the sommelier, the silver chain with the silver tasting spoon, the decanting, the smelling of the cork, etc. - that many of you have come across is just that: a ritual to justify the expense. For drinking at home you could be excused not to copy this elaboration. Yet there are a few things we ought to know.

    Wine temperature:

    Text books will tell you that white wines should be served between 6-11degrees Celsius and red wines at 16-19 degrees. So put your refrigerator to good use to get your wine close to this range before serving.

    Serving more than one wine:

    If you have a few wines to serve the simple rule is always: serve white before red, dry before sweet, young before old, light before heavy. Decanting is optional at home but if you have an elegant decanter I don’t see why not. It would only add pleasure to the enjoyment.


    How this is often neglected. Good wine glasses are essential to express the colour, the taste and smell of the wine. Many shapes and sizes are available but you really need 3 to cover the whole gamut: a generous sized round glass for red wine, a slightly smaller one for white and for champagne a tall slender tulip- shaped flute. The glasses should all be plain and colourless in order for you to see the wine clearly.


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