• How to store wine

    In France where most houses and apartments have cool, dark cellars underground, storing wine is never a problem. For the French an ideal storage place to conserve wine has to be:

    • Obscure and dark with no daylight and limited lighting.
    • Stable and quiet without vibrations of any kind.
    • Clean and without smell.
    • Aerated and humid.
    • With constant temperature around 12 degrees.

    In a proper cellar wines are lay down horizontally into racks built like pigeon-holes. Each wine should have a tag recording the vintage year and the number of bottles. A master record for all wines in storage including retrievals and additions should be kept separately. 

    This is the ideal of course. And it is for really serious collectors. It is tricky for places without underground cellars or places with a hot climate. For people with money to spend it is possible to build a light and climate-controlled room as an improvised cellar. However for everyday people and everyday drinking you can just keep the whites in your refrigerator and the reds in a dark cupboard. As for more serious amateurs temperature and humidity controlled wine cabinet are now available at affordable prices. There, your storage problem is solved.

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