• Four simple steps to wine tasting


    Try to use a clear glass instead of a coloured one. Fill it 1/3 full; hold the glass by the stem or by the base to a good light; check that the wine is clean and clear (no impurities) then discern the depth of colour. 


    Place the glass on the table and gently swirl the wine. The purpose is to air it so as to allow it to release its chemical compounds of aroma. Then take another look to see how the wine clings to the glass as it trickles down.


    Raise the glass and put your nose down to it for a deep sniff. Swirl a second time then sniff again. Let your smell sense the aroma that you detect. You may have read in wine books that hundreds of smells are suggested. Don’t let it affect you. You’re your best judge to decide which aroma (black currents, grapefruit, pepper, etc.) you find in your glass at this point.


    Now take a big enough sip and roll the wine around your mouth to reach all the taste buds; suck in some air to aerate the wine in your mouth some more; swallow the wine when you have arrived at the various flavours your smell and your taste of the wine tell you and see if there’s a lingering taste in your mouth and throat.

    You’ll know what your taste in wine is like after you’ve repeated these steps enough with wines from different region and different style made from different grapes. Once you reach this point you’ll be on your way to become the expert of your own taste for wine.

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